Public Relations


  1. Maximize your PPC search presence with pricing that fits your budget.
  2. Excel your PPC efforts with complementary services included in our service packages, such as landing page design &implementation, and website conversion analysis reporting.
  3. Stay up to date with changes to ad platforms, the current best practices, and how to best optimize your campaigns (i.e. mobile ads, remarketing).


Initial campaign development & strategy * Monthly Goggle PPC Management* Advanced keyword research
* Google Remarketing * Competitor analysis
* Ad campaign copywriting
* Ad copy performance testing
* Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
* Dynamic keyword insertion into ads * Google analytics integration & goal tracking
* Results analysis/reporting
* Strategic bid management
* PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geotargeting)
* Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
* Website conversion analysis reporting
* Banner ad design for remarketing